We know there are a lot of studios out there, and we know that most of them are good. But we don’t want you to use a “good” studio. We want you to use a GREAT studio. Here at RCR, we specialize in great. Our sole purpose is to help YOUR dreams come true. How do we do that?

  1. Our rates. We offer the most competitive in town, with tiered services geared to help get you the best product possible, no matter what you need.
  2. Our staff. We are a studio run by musicians, by people who LOVE music. We get what it’s like for you out there, and we get what you need in here. No one else has the people we have.

Meet the Team

Rob Crichlow
Rob CrichlowPresident
Rob Crichlow has 35 years in the technology industry and is currently Owner / Partner of RCR Recording Studios and Owner of Crichlow Technologies, Inc. He was the founder of the PC division of MRI (Management Reports, Inc), sold to Intuit, Inc. in 2002. He and 3 others started RCR Recording Studios in 2005, a full service recording studio serving NE Ohio.
Edwin Reif
Edwin ReifClient Relations Manager
Having grown up listening to bands such as The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin, Edwin developed a passion for music early in his life.  That passion quickly translated to the desire to learn guitar and form a band.  He has been in a number of projects over the past twelve years most recently finding success with his current band, Falling Into Fire.  His expertise spans across numerous areas including marketing, promotions, booking, logos/designs, live production, financial tracking, and musical/lyrical content.  He has managed a number of promising new artists and has participated in the Van’s Warped Tour.  Currently holding the title of Client Relations Manager, his goal is provide support to all artists currently working with RCR and to prospect new opportunities. 


Cary CrichlowSenior Producer and Engineer
Cary Crichlow is a producer/engineer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who has been writing and performing music for over 15 years and producing and engineering for 10. He brings incredible versatility and creativity to every project he works on with a passion and love for music that shines through in all he does. He feels just as comfortable recording live bands and instruments as he does programming custom beats for groups or individuals. Not only do our clients love working him, countless have told us they feel like they are better at what they do because of their experiences with Cary.

Genres: Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Indie, Reggae, Country, EDM, Gospel, Punk, Metal, Funk, and dozens more.
Notable Artists: Winslow, Tropidelic, Carlos Jones, Pierre Stone, Underpaid Packy, Chris Welker, Falling Into Fire, and more.
Instruments: Guitar (electric and acoustic), Bass, Drums, Piano/Keyboard, Trumpet, Sax and violin.

“[Cary] worked with me throughout the process and not only provided outstanding technical support, but also greatly appreciated artistic input.” – Chris Welker, engineering manager & self-proclaimed musician

“Not only [was Cary] extremely efficient, but also accommodating, creative, and great to work with.” – Jenna Fournier, vocalist and guitarist of Sparrows and Arrows

“[Cary] helped us find the sound we were looking for and more importantly, enabled us to create a CD that we were incredibly proud of and quite frankly, didn’t expect to be as professional. [His] patience and guidance was inspirational…” – John Woodard, director of Spirit Fire

“[He is] 100% into making the best final product [He] possibly can, instead of slacking and collecting the cash…” – Kevin McHugh, Underpaid Packy

“My favorite thing about RCR would be the people. When you record a record, it has a certain energy in it and you have to put in a certain amount of time, so you have to put your own time and energy into it. So to make a good recording you have to work with people that are willing to put their time and energy in too.” Dave Deitke – C Level

“RCR really helped tie things together as far as being apart and being willing to do whatever it takes to make an impact greater than what we [could] do on our own.” Matthew Roads – Tropidelic

“[RCR] just had a really friendly family feel about it, real relaxed… I really liked the feel of the place and liked what I heard.” Carlos Jones – Carlos Jones and the Plus Band

“In every studio anytime you go into record it’s you know ok hurry up, rush, we got to get this done, there’s time constraints… it’s easier, it just feels more comfortable here.” Pags – Tropidelic

“I like the fact that it is a family oriented place. I’ve been in a lot of studio situations and some are just plush to the point of being anesthetic… [RCR] is very casual very relaxed but yet very professional so when you come in you know you can feel at home.” Carlos Jones – Carlos Jones and the Plus Band

“After three sessions, the band unanimously agrees we made the right choice.  RCR and Cary delivers a big sound at a very affordable price.  Great recordings!” Ron Richards – Ron Richards Band