The Basics


You will get to work with experienced engineers who will take the time to make sure that the sound you are looking for is captured upfront. This includes proper mic placement and using the right mic for the job. We provide this in a relaxed environment where you can let your creativity flow.


Using a collaborative process between our engineers and you, we blend together what you recorded to create a well defined and balanced mix. This includes EQ, compression, effects, panning, and leveling techniques performed by our experienced engineers, delivering an unexpected quality.

The Polish


This process adds the final glossy sheen to your music, making it sound louder, bigger and fuller.

Song Production

If you need a song produced as either a single artist or a full band our producer can work with you, no matter what style, to create a new song or enhance an existing one. Whether you are looking for beats on demand, or looking for feedback on your existing arrangements, through a creative and collaborative process we will take your music to the next level.


The Showcase


CD Artwork and Duplication

We can work with you on designing your CD cover and inserts, as well as, getting your CD duplicated.

Video Spotlights

We provide video services to show off your band, your CD, your merch, you name it. Think of it as your own personal commercial.


RCR Recording Studios is also fully equiped to record karaoke. We have thousands of songs for you to choose from, but you are also free to bring any songs you wish to record. Bring as may people as you want, make a day of it, and have fun!

Don’t have the song you want to sing? Please, contact us. If the song’s available, we’ll get it for you.