Not sure how much time to book? It has been our experience that on average it takes roughly 5-10 hours to record a song from start to finish depending on track count, song length and talent of the musicians for a radio or Spotify ready final mix and master. It can take a bit longer for more ambitious productions and a lot less if you just want to record your vocal over a pre-recorded instrumental track. To make it easier on you, feel free to space out bookings in smaller time increments (you don’t need to finish a song in one session). If you’re still not sure how much time to book, please contact us at (440) 476-2676 for a free consultation regarding your specific project.

We have 3 tiers of pricing to meet your needs and budget. All sessions are by appointment only and are on a first come first serve basis. To schedule a session or a FREE studio tour, please call (440) 476-2676 or click here to fill out an online contact form.

Note: For all tiers, payment in full is required for the creation of a CD or any other form of a physical or digital copy of the recorded material.

Room Rental

  • Use of the room
  • Use of any of the studio equipment necessary for rehearsals, recording and mixing.
  • Great for:
  • Bands/artists on a budget who prefer to use their own engineers
  • Bands/artists who need a practice/rehearsal space

Recording/Mixing Engineer

  • Room rental
  • Includes experienced engineer to help you through the process of recording, mixing and mastering.
  • Great for:
  • Bands/artists who want a quality recording with professional results.
  • Voice over and commercial work.


  • Room rental
  • Recording/mixing engineer
  • Custom beat production
  • Help with musical arrangements
  • Professional input designed to give you the best possible final product. 
  • Great for:
  • Bands/artists looking to compete on a national level.